We’re Hiring!

By November 1, 2021Uncategorized

The Executive Director Position: Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director (ED)

will have overall strategic and operational responsibility for fund development, finances/budget, its

staff, volunteers, members, student interns, programs, expansion and execution of the Mission and

Vision. The Board of Directors monitors and supports the ED to ensure that he or she is competent

and effective, including conducting an annual performance review.

The ED works in partnership with the Board and the staff to provide leadership and vision for the

organization and to develop long-term strategies. The ED develops and implements policies

approved by the Board, maintains organizational culture, proactively works to reduce risk, and

effectively manages resources while representing BIND in the community.

We’re Looking For Someone Who:

Thrives in a work environment with a fair amount of governance autonomy and is fully

invested in collaborative program enhancements and fundraising with top reports.

Demonstrates excitement when scaling projects through development of goals and

objectives and tracks performance while closing gaps along the way.

Consistently seeks funding diversification and sustainability for a healthy future.

Enjoys learning and demonstrates the ability to adjust to unanticipated challenges.

Intuitively realizes the potential in others and sees where opportunity may be hiding

Aligns resources in a productive, efficient and meaningful way.

Expects direct reports to accept ownership and reinforces accountability across all levels of

the organization.

Easily establishes and maintains relationships with a variety of stakeholders.

To learn more about the position and how to apply, please refer to the full position description:


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