Welcome to BIND!

By August 11, 2012February 3rd, 2016News

BIND was established in September of 2011 by Valerie Gotcher, MS, CCC-SLP. Encouragement to form a non-profit organization to benefit survivors of acquired brain injury and their family members was spawned by ongoing feedback from Valerie’s former patients, in addition to literature that supports the benefits of community-based programs. Although these brain injury survivors had completed intensive rehabilitation programs, return to gainful employment, productive community volunteering, and return to prior social or leisure activities is significantly reduced or non-existent altogether. Coordination of services between providers is limited, and, caregiver burden, concurrent with financial strain, are factors that negatively impact reported quality of life.

One study reports that 40% of persons hospitalized for traumatic brain injury have at least one unmet need one year after injury, including: continued memory and problem solving deficits, difficulty managing stress and emotional upsets, and the need to improve job skills. The Center for Disease Control estimates that 144,000 Texans sustain a traumatic brain injury each year and 381,000 Texans are living with a disability due to traumatic brain injury.

In addition to survivors of traumatic brain injury, BIND provides services to adult survivors of stroke, the third leading cause of death and disability in the United States. The BIND Clubhouse will be located in Collin County, Texas in order to meet the needs of our rapidly growing population that has increased by 61% over the previous 10 years. When prevalence of stroke is applied to the 40-59 age group of Collin County, an estimated 3,600 residents per year will experience a stroke, followed by an additional 36,000 per year in the 60-79 age group.