Wedding Season is Here

By June 24, 2021Blog, News, Resources

The month of June has traditionally been seen as the best month for weddings, but why?

This tradition stems from the Roman goddess whom the month is named after, Juno.

Juno was the goddess of marriage, home, and family so June developed into the month for weddings, So much so that songs have been written about this. It is even said if a bride were married in June, she would be married the rest of her life, but does this mean you will not be happy if you get married in a different month? I do not believe so.

When I discovered that I had a brain tumor in 2020, I realized I needed to hold my wedding sooner than I had originally planned.  We decided on August because it was a good time in between my treatments. Then we had to look at venues, inside or outside depending on the weather, because August is hot, so we decided on inside. We also needed to decide how many guests we wanted to have, but we had a small wedding that ended up being the wedding we wanted.

There are many things to consider when planning a wedding and deciding which month is right for you is important. You also need to decide on where it will be. So, June does not have to be the month you get married in, any month you choose will be special for you.

I have also heard the saying “If it rains on your wedding day it is good luck.” Stemming from Hindu tradition, it is said if you tie the knot, and it gets wet it will be impossible to break. So, you may not be happy it rains but look at it as a bright silver lining for the day– my parents did. Thankfully, June tends to be rainy in many places like North Texas. Still, any day you pick is special to you.

Another wedding tradition, which comes from Victorian era England, is something old (the tie between the brides past and her family) something new (the new chapter of the bride’s life with her spouse) something borrowed (the sense of happiness borrowed from a married friend is transferred to the couple) something blue (the color of love purity, faithfulness and modesty) and a six pence in her shoe (which brings wealth to the couple), which all bring good luck to the bride. Still, any day you pick is special because it’s yours.

~ Annette K