Thank you, Cristy!

By April 29, 2016Blog, News, PR

BIND Member David had the opportunity to learn more about Cristy Russum.  Cristy, we are so happy to have you as a volunteer for BIND!  With gratitude for all you do!

  1. What 3 things would you take to a deserted island?

Husband, Wine, & Hammock

  1. What’s your day job? Business?

Realtor. Work when customers need her. She is a listing agent & Showing agent for RenoGroup Realty.

  1. How did you get involved w/ BIND?

Saw an article in Plano Profile.  Her son was hit by car and had a TBI, 4 years ago. He has had great improvement will graduate from the Univ. of Colorado next year.  He inspires me everyday.

  1. How do you picture your life in 5 years?

Celebrating two boys graduating from college, and, traveling.

  1. What does volunteering do for you? Why do you volunteer?

Give back to others. Get a since of fulfillment. Help others in some small way.

  1. What’s your passion?

Several! Work, volunteerism, wine.