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Cialis has side effects, but these are relatively rare, often with short duration. Some of these side effects may have other effects from this drugs interaction with other drugs:
Analgesics: There is some controversy about the effect of Cialis on the sexual and/or anal system. Several studies point to this drug in addition to Viagra. They showed You will need to tell the doctor if you have any medical or psychiatric disorders, have liver, kidney, diabetes, breast cancer, or a genetic condition (called mosaicism), or high blood pressure. You may also need to visit your doctor if your sex life is changing and your libido begins to fluctuate. Cialis can cause serious complications. You should consult with your doctor carefully about which medications are approved for that condition, . You should talk to a doctor about any side effects you have. The following are the possible side effects of Cialis that are more common in men but are less likely when it is used for contraception.
Diabetes Insulinosis Cialis might increase your risk for type 2 diabetes since a high cholesterol level can lead to heart attack and stroke. Some Cialis users may have diabetes even without the drugs, so you should tell your doctor about possible risks of this drug, . The use of Cialis should also be examined carefully by a primary care practitioner. Some users report headaches and abdominal pain when taking Cialis, so you should get any doctor’s help you need to get rid of these problems. Another uncommon sideeffect is that the liver makes Cialis into metabolites and gives it to your blood. Because these side effects may happen more or less often for patients having Cialis combined with other drugs, you may need to stop taking Cialis or stop using that drug. If you begin taking Cialis and suddenly have these symptoms, then you should talk to your doctor immediately. Cialis side effects are the most common and last about 18 months.
High Blood Pressure The use of Cialis is strongly associated with hypertension. Women might report having dizziness, tingling, and other side effects when taking Cialis. This side effect is a result of the action of the Cialis in the bloodstream, not the drugs. For more information, read: Cialis and hypertension
Vasodilatation If you notice any other medical problems while taking Cialis, call your doctor.
Other side effects of Cialis Cialis uses have different medical effects when used together with other drugs, including diuretics or antidiuretics. These medicines increase your risk of diabetes, but many health care practitioners do not understand the relationship between the two methods. It’s important to ask a doctor before using Cialis for contraceptive purposes if you’re: overweight or obese.