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“Here’s a Shout Out! to all the volunteers that give their time and especially those that bring special crafts or spend extra time helping get things prepared for events. You’re awesome!”
~ David

“For ALL our Volunteers, Board Members, Sponsors, and Mrs. Valerie, I want to say THANK YOU ALL for your time, your interest, and money that y’all have invested into BIND. If it wasn’t for Valerie’s vision of BIND, we wouldn’t be where we are now. I know BIND has changed my life in many ways. I get up every morning looking forward in going to BIND. I LOVE helping other people.
~ The thoughts and feelings of Kevin McIntyre (COWBOY).

“All Volunteers and Sponsors: Thank you for all that you do. You are Angels! I appreciate your time, effort, kind heart and good attitude. You are a blessing to all BIND members! God bless you.”
~ Sincerely,  Mark

“Thank you to all of our Volunteers. The countless hours you put into support BIND IS AMAZING, Okay maybe not countless, because I add them up monthly. Your support does not go unnoticed as it is felt with every goal we accomplish as a team.”
~ Carrie

“I’m so happy with our volunteers for taking their time to bring happiness, laughter and proper knowledge. Not to mention how much they help members be active.”
~ Yvette