Never Give Up

By March 8, 2016Blog, News

Life is but a dream, it’s what you make it.

December 14, 2007, I suffered a stroke to the Cerebellum region of my brain. This trauma affected my motor functions, coordination of movement, balance, equilibrium and posture. I could not understand what was being said to me. Nor could I verbally express any thoughts. I was a mess!!!

The past 8 years have been an incredible journey.   I have learned so many lessons and continue to learn due to the grace of God, neuroplasticity, positive attitude and hard work.

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by stimulating neurons through activity. This activity may include cognitive, physical, occupational and speech therapy. Brain games or learning a musical instrument may also help to improve your brain.

Be aware that I have stated that these activities may improve brain function. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees regarding the recovery of brain trauma. It is different for each traumatic brain injury.

I do know this. You will have limited recovery if you choose not to work to stimulate your traumatic brain injury. Work hard and find out what life lessons await you.


Ted Hilburn, stroke survivor & BIND member