Moody Foundation Supports BIND

By December 8, 2021Uncategorized

December 7, 2021 – BIND: Brain Injury Network of Dallas, a 501c3 nonprofit corporation based in Plano, Texas, is excited to announce a grant award of $130,000 from The Moody Foundation to provide assistance in reconnecting adult survivors of brain injury with their community, family and careers through the Brain Injury Clubhouse.  

About The Moody Foundation – For more than 75 years, the Moody Foundation has funded projects and programs that better communities in our great state of Texas. As a family, their stories have fueled our mission and our grantees continue to inspire us across the arts, education, environment, health, and social services. The Moody Foundation strengthens the future of Texas by investing in charitable projects that exhibit innovative ideas and make long-term improvement in our communities. 

About the BIND Clubhouse – The Brain Injury Network of Dallas is a community center for people living with the effects of an acquired brain injury including stroke, traumatic brain injury or brain cancer. The BIND Mission is to provide tools and a bridge of support to adult survivors of acquired brain injury so they can reconnect to work, life and the community. BIND operates the first and only Brain Injury Clubhouse in the state of Texas, which is its primary tool used to serve survivors. The BIND headquarters is in Plano, Texas, and in 2022, BIND will open a second location in Fort Worth, Texas. BIND is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. 

At BIND, staff and program participants, called Members, work together to run all aspects of the program. The core of the model is an emphasis on empowerment and person-centered programming – allowing each brain injury survivor to regain a sense of control by choosing how they interact with and engage in a work-ordered day. Members manage Clubhouse daily activities, gain work skills and address appropriate social behaviors by working collaboratively with staff, interns, and volunteers on all program tasks. Through this productive and meaningful work, Members build physical and cognitive endurance, increase self-esteem and develop skills necessary to live more independently. For all of its Members, BIND offers the Clubhouse Program, Peer Mentoring, the Work Readiness Program, Spanish-Speaking Services, and Caregiver Support. The BIND Clubhouse Program, including in-person and virtual services, inspires hope for continued brain healing, restores a sense of purpose, improves the quality of life, and reconnects brain injury survivors to the community. 

BIND is a proud member of IBICA: International Brain Injury Clubhouse Alliance, TCC: Texas Clubhouse Coalition, and the Plano Chamber of Commerce.  

BIND Membership – BIND Members are a diverse group of individuals of varied race, gender, education, income, age, and ability. 70% of Members are physically disabled, 17% are Veterans. Ages range from 18 to 80 with an average age of 48. To qualify for membership: Survivors must be 18 years of age or older, have a documented acquired brain injury, be independent with self-care and use assistive devices independently, be willing to participate in a working community, not be a threat to self or others, and, have transportation to/from BIND in Plano or Fort Worth.