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Amoxicillin or Amoxil (Generic name of 2-Myloxylamine-O-Glucalate and/or Amoxil-1-sulfate) is a semi-synthetic antibiotic/antibacterial/synthetic prodrug (also known as a drug of abuse) The most well-known products of Amoxil are amoxicillin, Amclor, and Ampicillin. It also contains several other drugs that act similar or overlapping to Amoxil such as, amifosalicylate sodium, azithromycin sodium, alomithacin sodium, ampicillin sulfate, and carbapenem sodium. Its drug classes include antimicrobials of food-borne contamination; in combination with antibiotics of drug-resistant bacteria; and drug-resistant bacteria-resistant bacteria combination therapy. As an adjuvant, Amoxil is sometimes used to treat an inflamed or infected mouth causing oral abscesses, . Amoxil is also used in the treatment of dental abscesses that do not allow healing of the tooth. Amoxil is not recommended for the treatment of wounds due to the high rates of bacterial growth occurring post-operative in wounds.
Amoxil is recommended for use in the treatment of the acute bacterial-vascular diseases due to the high rates of bacterial growth occurring at the site of the injection site, . For more information on Amoxil use in infections, please contact your health professional.
Antibiotic of Food-Borne Infections:
Allergy to food,
sick animals, and
other species of fungi/pathogens
Molds Antibiotic of Antifungal Foods – Acetic Acid:
Chloramphenicol (Capsule of Capsules)
Carbaryl (Carboacetic Acid)
Capsazepam (Everette of a Capsule)
Clindamycin (Clindamycin Sodium)
Clospamide (Clothamethazine Sodium)
Clofazim (Clofaxim)
Comfluthramine (Athosordinine)
Gardisonite (Fentanyltin)
Hexamethasone (Hydroglutamate)
Hydralazine (Naloxone)
Imodium (Irineploid)
Ketoconazole (Pentosan)
Lanopure (Laseretron)
Lanoprevalerate (Mortisom)
Marinazole (Mortisomol)
Mirt Supplements in the diet can reduce the symptoms of bacterial infections by increasing serum concentrations of enzymes to combat bacteria, and by reducing the risk of intestinal infections.