Caregiver of The Quarter

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By Karl K.

Gay was born and lived most of her life in Roanoke, Virginia. She met her husband 28 years ago. Both are caregivers in the rehab sections in the Heart Hospital in Baylor in Plano. Her son is 24 years old and serves in the Marines as a pilot. Her daughter, Livia is now 22. Gay went to college in Roanoke, at Jefferson College of Health Sciences.

As a couple, they were interested in music, by singing in their church choir, and in a band called “Blackwater.” They have traveled extensively throughout the world, including Italy, Paris, England, Mexico, Switzerland, and Costa Rita. Their favorite place to go is skiing in Colorado. They are both fans of NETFLIX and have finished several series. She is active in women’s Bible study each Tuesday morning. Gay walks every day, regardless of the weather. In this interview, she walked in 19 degrees in ice and snow! They like all kinds of foods, especially those that are rare or unusual.

The typical day for Gay has changed, now because Livia lives in a home with two young women, called Becka’s House in Plano. She remembers the brain aneurysm that Livia experienced when she was 18. She went to the gym, and felt badly, so she was taken into the ER, where she stayed for six months. Livia worked hard in physical therapy, and while she cannot drive yet, she is able to do much more every day that she tries.

She notes that BIND has meant everything to her and the family. What is particularly important is Livia’s opportunity to socialize with the members. In BIND, she has been active in the kitchen and art activities.

We are so grateful to have Gay as part of our Caregivers Group!

Gay (Gaythlene) Lione
(NOTE: It has been a great privilege and honor to write the Spotlight Column for our Caregivers Group each quarter! It has been wonderful to learn about these great people who do so much for others inside and outside BIND. As we continue to transition our focus after the pandemic, I will miss doing this, but it is time for others to have the chance to write these columns in the future. I want to thank Diana for the opportunity to work with her since the group has resumed its work. Karl K)