Hello, Silvana! #NationalVolunteerWeek

By April 14, 2016Blog, News, PR, Resources

BIND Member Kevin had the chance to talk with Silvana about her volunteer experience.  Silvana is a traumatic brain injury survivor, artist, cyclist, nature enthusiast, business owner, and a great friend to BIND.  Be sure to check out her company,  Bicibits, here: http://bicibits.com

Question: What 3 things would you take to a deserted island?

Answer: A great book that I could reread often maybe use to write in and maybe burn if I needed to for rescue smoke or fire starter.  Music, and perhaps a big knife for all sorts of handy reasons.

Question: How did you become a BIND volunteer?

Answer: I got involved with BIND because Valerie G came to a TBI support group meeting I attended, and even though I don’t recall much of it she left an impression on me. Later we communicated on something and eventually I wanted to be a part of the BIND community and help in any way I could, and also belong to a group of nice folks in similar situations as me.

Question: What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?

Answer: I don’t have a clue what life will look like in 5 years for me. I hope to have a place of my own in a nice quiet place surrounded by nature and maybe a little art studio, near some friends.

Question: Why do you volunteer for BIND?

Answer: Volunteering gives me a purpose and sense of belonging, and the ability to contribute to my community that has been missing since my TBI took away my ability to teach school. (and everything that came with it).  It also teaches me new things about life, others and myself.

Thank you, Silvana and Kevin!