Hello, Kristin! #NationalVolunteerWeek

By April 17, 2016Blog, News, PR

We have a lot of members that we do not see on a daily basis or actually rarely see at all but that does not take away from the support they provide to us, even on a daily basis whether we are aware of it or not.

One of those volunteers is Board Member Kristen W. As a board member BIND is always on their mind regardless of what they are doing. Keeping an eye out for ideas that can help grow our organization and/or benefit our Members.

Here’s a little of what I learned about Kristen after our interview. She is a Neuropsychology student at UT Southwestern and has two and half years remaining to receive her PHD. She is a Stars fan who tries to attend about 5-10 games a season (maybe I’ll have to take her with me next season for a couple of games) and Tyler Seguin is her favorite player. Fun Fact: She was first introduced to the Stars through UT Southwestern. “For the past couple years I have assisted to provide the baseline concussion evaluations all NHL players receive pre-season.” (Pretty cool, huh?!)

How and why she chose to volunteer with BIND: Based on her educational aspirations and field of interest she was looking to get involved with an organization that matched up with her future life goals. And through the wonders of social media she found out about BIND and our need for a new board member. She contacted Valerie and as they say… the rest is history. As for the why, again it fits in with her interests and she feels that BIND is a great cause to support.

As for her future, she will be a Neuropsychologist helping those with Brain Injuries and other neuro disorders. As far as where that might be, that’s a tougher one to answer, she may stay here in Texas or possibly return to the East Coast.

Fun questions:

Question: Do you have any pets?

Answer: No, but I have 2 awesome roommates, one of which fosters kittens so I get some fur- baby love

Question: What three things would you take on a deserted island?

Answer: 1. Music (either a radio or MP3 player) 2. Water 3. A hammock (for relaxing while waiting to be rescued)

Question: What do you do for fun?

Answer: Enjoys the outdoors and traveling. Also signing but not professional but anywhere she can, especially Karaoke.

~Carrie, BIND Member