Synapse Laps!

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Saturday, March 24, 9 am to Noon
1416 Gables Court, Plano TX

Join us for the first-ever Synapse Laps event for BIND. Walk, jog, ride or roll with us at the BIND office park – every lap is 1/3 mile – and we’ll help count your laps.  Survivors, families, kids, and leashed pets are all welcome.

*Superhero costumes are encouraged*

This event is sponsored by Medical City Plano and a light lunch is sponsored by California Pizza Kitchen. We’ll also welcome therapy animals from Equest, games and activities for all ages, and the BIND Store will be open for business (BIND hats and shirts will be on sale!).  Thank you as well for your sponsorship to Modern Woodman Financial and Select Rehab Hospital in Denton.

Registration for Synapse Laps is FREE.  We are appreciative of those who can give a suggested $5/person donation onsite.  PLEASE ARRIVE PRIOR TO 9:15 am to park inside of our office park. By 9:20, the lot will be closed to through traffic so our walkers can safely begin at 9:30.  Other Questions?  Email us by clicking here.


Pizza With Purpose

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Let’s do Lunch!  Or dinner… California Pizza Kitchen in Plano – March 7 & 8.  Present this flyer to your server and they’ll donate 20% of your total bill to BIND.  Thank you to the Willow Bend CPK manager, Rachel, and her team for supporting our organization!

We’re Hiring!

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BIND has an immediate opening for a Program Director and a Unit Coordinator.  To apply, send a cover letter with your resume by email to or by fax to 972-769-2464.

Job Descriptions can be found here: Program Director, Unit Coordinator

Have you heard the BIG news? 

The Moody Foundation has awarded us with a lead gift to support capacity growth.  We’re thrilled to partner with them to ensure that brain injury survivors in the Dallas area can join our program.  Because of their support, we’ll be able to do even more to fuel hope, restore purpose and connect survivors to the community.

Thank you, Linda!

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Interview with Linda Hunt, our wonderful intern, by Karl “with a K” BIND Member:

I had the pleasure of interviewing Linda Hunt, who is a volunteer all three days that BIND is open each week, and found her very easy to speak with.  She is in the final stages of her degree program, which upon conclusion will make her a qualified rehabilitation counselor.  Asked what she is hoping to do with this qualification, she stated that she likes helping people who want to help themselves, and this degree will put her in a position to do just that.  Working amongst those that are still striving here at BIND to make gains from a brain injury they have experienced has shown her that it is a field that serves “as a door to unlock” her skills.  Linda said that the Clubhouse is inspiring her to be better at what she does, and that she most definitely can see herself working with the brain injured in the future.

Upon being asked if her family is behind the plan of working with the brain injured she said that her husband, two daughters, and son are all on board.  She added that her children have all mentioned how proud they are of what she has done and continues to accomplish.

Linda spoke of living in Canada for 14 years before her 16 years here in Texas.  This, of course, was happy news for the many hockey fans that we have here at the Clubhouse.  Asked if she has any hobbies or interests out of her studies, Linda identified that she is a big fan of making ceramics because she finds it so relaxing.  She may need relaxation after each day at the Clubhouse, but you would never know it while she is here.  She is doing wonderful work here, and we are already sad that she is going to depart after her graduation.

Patience: By Stacy

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Lucy loves to torment Charlie Brown by having him run toward the football to make a great punt. Each time, Charlie Brown thinks that this will be the time that he will do it, but each time, at that crucial moment, Lucy pulls the ball away and Charlie Brown ends up flat on his back.

Maybe not after the first time, but definitely after the second time, most individuals would give in and call it a day. But Charlie Brown keeps after this, year after year after year.

I sometimes feel like Charlie Brown and Lucy is holding the ball that keeps being pulled away at that crucial moment. Why? You ask. I am recovering from a Brain Injury.

On June 13, 2014, I had brain surgery because I had been diagnosed with a cavernous hemangioma. Unlike some individuals that suffer with a brain injury, I knew the date and time of surgery, I just did not know that the carpet was about to be pulled out from under me. Surgery left me with aphasia, hemiparesis, and hemisensory loss.

Through time, much therapy, and support from family and friends, I went back to work 6 months after surgery. Knowing what I know now, I pushed it a little too hard. Have patience with your rehabilitation. IT IS IMPORTANT. I was impatient and it cost me some valuable time. Two months after returning to work, I ended up having a transient ischemic attack (TIA), also called a “mini stroke.” My body was not finished healing.

I returned to therapy, sought out more support groups, and started learning how to have patience with this process. It is not easy. It is not without setbacks. It is not without much trial and error. But, it is a step in the right direction.

I became part of BIND, The Brain Injury Network of Dallas. Through my membership with BIND, I was able to slowly return to work. I learned many valuable lessons, especially when it came to having patience with myself.

BIND provided me with opportunities to try out skills, like talking in public; after all, I need that skill to go back to teaching. Through the friendships that I formed, it helped me realize that I wasn’t in this alone. I have my husband and kids, but having someone to talk to, to laugh with, and to socialize with that has been through their own brain injury helped me put everything into perspective.

I am happy to report that I have gone back to work, but it is not easy, not without setbacks, and not without trial and error.

Brain injuries affect everyone differently so family, a support group, doctors, and therapists are very important, especially when talking about moving forward with your recovery.

Are you as persistent as Charlie Brown? Will you keep trying? BE CHARLIE BROWN!!

~Stacy B.

Bind Milestone 2012

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October 28, 2012 marks a significant date for all of us at BIND.

Twenty-one BIND supporters, including stroke survivors, traumatic brain injury survivors, caregivers, and friends joined together at the Halloween Hustle in McKinney.  Five members of the BIND team proudly finished the 1K event and sixteen completed the exhaustive 5K.  This marked a significant milestone for several brain injury survivors, as this was the longest distance they had traveled by foot since experiencing an acquired brain injury.  Our team raised $4,975 towards start-up expenses for BIND and we expect an additional $2,550 in company matching gifts….providing BIND with $7,525 total!  Our members, volunteers, and the Board of Directors extends their heart-felt gratitude for our donor and community generosity.