But I still dream…by Jim

By September 6, 2016March 15th, 2017Blog

IMG_0976Each of us has a likely yet different story to tell.

On July 22nd, 2006, I had a massive hemorrhagic stroke with Wernicke’s Aphasia. My brain was damaged in my communication center.

On the left side of my visual field cut was down, in the left side. I had physical situation. I had problems but they told me I wouldn’t improve after that. Then I was accepted into Integra’s Day Nero Program. My therapists told me I had aphasia. At that point I did learned about aphasia. But I will never be 100%.

Integra helped me. But BIND was a dream and later became a reality. Time does changes. BIND was a fantastic issue and for me it was great. February 4, 2016 BIND opened. It was the inspiration and the ability to push me farther. I’m not there yet. But I still have a dream.