BIND 1st Annual Luncheon & Silent Auction 2013

By August 28, 2013August 14th, 2015Events, Luncheon


Just over a year ago, during a regularly scheduled monthly meeting, the idea of an annual fundraiser was presented. Hopeful and enthusiastic BIND volunteers quickly assembled event committees catapulting the idea into action. Over the next several months the what, where, who, when and hows were answered. However, with verbal confirmations, signed contracts, increased website traffic and mailed invitations, the impending question still loomed, will anyone actually attend.

On October 19th, 2013 BIND hosted its first annual event for a curious yet supportive, and overwhelmingly generous room of 120 attendees. BIND member, stroke survivor, and videographer, Dean Stone, kicked off the event with a humorous but educational introduction video, stating the purpose of the afternoon, Community, Clubhouse, and Independence. BIND founder, Valerie Gotcher, poised and humbled, after introduction by stroke survivor Ted Hilburn welcomed the audience and explained BIND’s mission of opening the first Texas clubhouse for brain injury survivors and caregivers, after which lunch was served. The focus/power of what BIND stands for was ignited with keynote speaker Karl Heller as he told the traumatic personal story of his injury and remarkable recovery process. To conclude, a video interview with Chicago clubhouse director Tammiko Bess outlined the insurmountable benefits of a clubhouse for the brain injury population. Chris Moore, friend of BIND member Dean Stone, and BIND volunteer, Cheri Morrow, shared their experiences as caregivers and friends to brain injury survivors providing insight to the overall impact a brain injury has on personal relationships. Afterwards the fundraising began.

A comprehensive selection of silent auction items lined the wall of the Marriott ballroom, all of which were bid on and purchased. A friendly dose of competition over a couple of the more sought after items turned the silent auction into a live auction while the winners were being announced by traumatic brain injury survivor and professional bull rider Kevin McIntyre. As the attendees purchased their items at the close of the event, the counting began. Within two hours BIND raised a net of $10,000 in funds that will be put towards opening the first Texas clubhouse. In 2011 BIND created a mission. The success of the first fundraising event established a promise.


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