Our Very Own “Papa Smurf”

By July 7, 2016March 15th, 2017Blog, News

I had a stroke. After weeks in intensive care and an additional 5-weeks of inpatient therapy and recovery time, I was it released home and began the Day Neuro Program. I didn’t know what was getting in to.   Rehabilitation was a dog. Comeback wasn’t easy. Like many stroke survivors, I needed physical, speech, cognitive, and occupational therapy.   After months of hard work, it didn’t seem that I was making progress. In additional to physical and mental challenges I was still working to overcome, I struggled with depression and self doubts.

During the time I spent with recovery, I had more than my struggles. I had to try to keep my sanity. Every time I seemed to make progress, I would take one step back. It was frustrating. I started to make progress by taking it one step at a time. Going to therapy was sometimes more than I could handle. But I always came back. Believe it or not, it got easier. I am glad I came back each time. I still have trouble getting around and my right arm doesn’t work the way it should. I’m worried that I’m working hard but it’s still not where I would like it to be. My speech is getting better but I get frustrated when I can’t communicate what I want to say. BUT, I KNOW I CAN MAKE IT!

Keep my wife Marge in your prayers, because hers is a tough job-but one she does with love in her heart and a smile on her face!

~Horace, aka Papa Smurf


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