Coming Soon: Heartstrong

By March 21, 2016Blog, News, PR

Headstrong: Donna ValentinoDonna Valentino’s book Headstrong: Surviving a Traumatic Brain Injury Without Losing My Mind (image shown) has been the subject of numerous positive reviews. If you don’t already have a copy, pick yours up here:

In Donna Valentino’s book Heartstrong, Overcoming Obstacles and Living Life to the Fullest, she writes:

“While my overall purpose in writing this book is to share my triumph over obstacles, I also want to share an important message with others:  don’t let the obstacles in your life destroy you.  My obstacles made me stronger.  If you remember nothing else from this book, please take this final message away:  never give up.  You can overcome your obstacles, and you can do it with greater agility and grace when you have a positive attitude and open mind.  I’m grateful everyday that my kids still have their mom.  It’s my greatest privilege to be a positive part of their lives, even if I cuss like a sailor and drop the “F” bomb like it’s nobody’s business.”

~Donna Valentino