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July 2020

The Silver Lining

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By Jenny T


While every brain injury is unique, most brain injury survivors experience social isolation at some point in their recovery which often leads to depression and anxiety. Some studies suggest that the risk for developing depression following a traumatic brain injury may be two to five times higher than in the rest of the population.

One of the most important functions of BIND is to reconnect those brain injury survivors with the community, and rehabilitate their ability to interact with others. This can only be accomplished through relationships.

Therefore,quarantine and social distancing, while absolutely necessary, directly oppose the BIND mission. However, people who survive brain injury tend to prove time and time again that we can overcome any obstacle set in our way. We believe This time in our history will be no different. 

Since a large percentage of BIND membership falls within the “high risk” category for COVID-19, we were among the first to follow CDC and WHO guidelines and “close the doors” of the physical clubhouse. But not without first creating and distributing care packages for our members, thanks to our staff, volunteers and program interns. 

Once it became evident that this quarantine would not be over quickly, it was decided to take the BIND program online, rather than leave our members once again feeling abandoned in the mire of loneliness. BIND volunteers and staff quickly began working remotely to provide virtual resources. After a few hiccups and some extra education we began to use Zoom and a private social media group to host our morning meetings, brain games, art classes, support groups, and many other activities, giving members near and far access to our service and a chance to participate in a community, albeit on a screen. 

Consequently, members that might have become more withdrawn and lost touch with one another have been able to maintain those vital connections. Member, Karl K. Says,”I used to attend BIND only one day a week, because I cannot drive, but now I am able to be here so much more and I love it, I really do.”  And Susan F. Stated that “ During this Global Pandemic, BIND has helped me to do something (other than nothing). M-F, I’m very active in BIND and am incredibly grateful and thankful. What a blessing BIND is to me – and since I’m doing “good stuff,”  my family is also grateful. and thankful——when I’m taken care of, the family is happy.  THAT IS  A TRUE GIFT!!”

Of course BIND members would rather be together, as everyone craves human interaction. For some, learning to use technology has been a struggle, others have fallen back into negative patterns such as staying in bed or arguing with caregivers and family members. This only highlights the need for the BIND family and the encouragement that can only come from someone who has “been there.” Various members, volunteers and staff have gone above and beyond to make sure everyone stays in contact whether by phone, email, text, or zoom meeting thereby embracing our favorite motto “We rise by lifting others. ” 

 Some new interests have also been born out of this necessity. Horse racing, which was introduced by volunteer Andrea, has become a hot topic. “it has been very educational; the horses and how it actually works. It keeps me busy and gives me something to do other than focusing on being alone,” remarks member Carrie P. 

Art has long been a staple of brain rehabilitation, and BIND has always strived to incorporate it into our planning. But what does that look like with video conferencing and limited access to supplies? Personally, that’s been my favorite part. Jasmine (BIND employee) not only gave us drawing prompts and tips, she taught us how to tour museums virtually through Google arts and culture, which opened up a whole new world to us. We also had a lot of fun recreating famous works of art with household objects.  You can check this out on our social media platforms: and

David S. States his favorite has been the improvement in the structure of the men’s {support} group, he enjoys the topics that have been discussed and complimented Karl K. for his hard work in this area. 

And just in case you were worried about BIND’S brand new garden provided by Kenlee Landscaping Services and MetroTex Leadership Class #28  – don’t be.  BIND members and volunteers, who are able, have been stopping by, at separate times, to water, weed and tend to our flourishing plants. Thank you to those that have helped. 

Hosting Synapse Laps virtually this year was another first for the BIND staff.  Synapse Laps was very successful and we were able to raise $3,000. The event also encouraged our members, staff and volunteers to get in some good, safe exercise. This was one more example of progress through flexibility. 

Hopefully this quarantine will come to an end soon, and BIND members can once again get used to a new normal. But until that day we will weather this storm together, but apart.